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Rahul Hans

Award winner & hospitality industry leader!

Mr. Rahul Hans, starting his career at a very young age of 18 years, ran many profitable restaurants, hotels &  clubs in Delhi & Mumbai. It's been 12+ years.

He understands what it takes to run a restaurant. From equipment to chef to brand strategy & marketing, he is an expert in all the areas & leaves no stone unturned to make his clients succeed. 


We are innovators, consultants motivated by an extremely enthusiastic and optimistic team of professionals, managers, designers, chefs, team leaders.

We follow a 360-degree step by step growth procedure to deliver unique and extraordinary restaurant and hotels services. We exceed the client’s expectations with determination, deep-understanding, uprightness, simplicity & diligence.

We work with new F&B brands right from fuelling the concept, throughout and continuously providing effective solutions to every aspect of Restaurant need, till the successful launch of the brand.

We also help brands to expand into multiple outlets and create franchise models.

We create cost-effective strategies to maximize the margin, reduce costs, and improve profit margins.

We cover all the aspects of the business right from sourcing and designing kitchen layout, conceptualization, menu development, staffing & training, equipment sourcing, admiration &licensing, restaurant accounting, F&B software development, promotions & branding.

We work on your basic idea of having a formal restaurant or a diner with consideration of your target customers, be it business class visitors, romantic couples, families, or all of them. We ensure that a restaurant concept design is finalized only if it satisfies you and our experts.

Converting a restaurant design into reality is the same as helping our clients realize their dreams. We shoulder the responsibility to work in close association with the architects to develop the desired restaurant design. We focus on minute details like doorknobs to crucial storage and refrigeration requirements.

Above all, we supervise the restaurant development process so that it remains within your budget.

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